Corner of Third Avenue & F Street at night in 1967 ... from the Idyll.
Corner of Third Avenue & F Street at night in 1967 ... from the Idyll.
Life is all about pictures, and with everyone carrying a phone (or maybe even a real camera(!) these days, we know you have lots to share.

NEW - We've added 5 new albums for the 50th to which you can add photos your own photos!
  1. HHS 50th Reunion - Early Bird Gathering
  2. HHS 50th Reunion - HHS Homecoming Game - coming soon!
  3. HHS 50th Reunion - HHS Tour
  4. HHS 50th Reunion - Class Meeting and Dinner
  5. HHS 50th Reunion - Farewell to 50
  6. 40th Reunion - Potluck Photos
  7. 40th Reunion - Dinner Photos
  8. Family Photos of us with our families
  9. Photos from our school days -- Hilltop High, and before
  10. The Class of 1967 35th Reunion in 2002 - both the picnic and the dinner
Please feel free to upload to any of these albums, and if you can add captions to identify folks, please do!

NOTE:  If you have a large number of photos, get in touch with Bill Koteff by clicking on "Contact Us" to the left and we'll arrange a way to transfer them in bulk to the website!

Thanks for sharing your lives with everyone.
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