...Our lost classmates.

We're trying to reach as many folks as possible for the 50th Reunion.  We've built on our list from ten years ago and made substantial progress, but there are lots of folks we have NO information about whatsoever. 

There are now 330 active contacts in our list, either by email, postal mail, or both, and have leads -- as yet inconclusive -- on 33 more. We continue to have 100 classmates (listed below) for whom we have no information.

Do you have recent contact info for anyone on the list?  If so, please send us a message by using the Contact Us page at the left and give us as much detail as possible to reach them.

Many thanks to all of you who have shared information and leads with us.  It has been a great help. 

Sharon Anderson
William Arns
Andrea Badillo Schroeder
Gil Ballatore
Gladys Bee
Sheryl Buford
Carlee Carter 
Mark Clayton
Thomas Cox
Jon Darrow
Michael Davis
Karen Eagan 
Diane Ebert
Betty Eddington
Shirley Eddleman
James Emslie
Bela Faynsod 
Francine Frommer - Brunson
Sherrie Fuller - Autrey
Jeanine Ginley
Patricia Glasser
Jay Goodman
Janice Grey
Ramzi Hakeem
Elmer Hall
Cary Hammond 
Charles Hammond 
Robin Harper
Crystal Harvey - Jones
Menno-Arend Herlyn
Karen Hughes Elliott
Kay Hults
Michael Humphrey
John Huth
Kathleen Jacobsen
Robert Jennings
John Johnson  *FOUND*
Susan Jones
Isidoro Kessel
Gloria Koba
Theresa LaClair
Peggy Langford - Henson  *FOUND*

Ted Laramore
Jeanne Leming Bartlett
Lynnette Lindamood - Ogle
Kim Listug
Robin Little
Betty LoCicero 
Sandra Long
Marlene Lopez
Maria Lopez  
Kenneth Mains
Janet Marquette
Vicki McGuire
Rebecca McGuire
Kathy McKee
Linda Mesler
Janice Miller
Janice Mooney
Mike Morris
Alice Moser - Loskot
Carolyn Ochi 
Doreen Ochs
Norma Perez - Macedo
Marie Perricone - Webb
Guerta Pflaster - Tomaszewski
Bill Pienta 
Barbara Presgrove 
Kathryn Pressler
Kay Rambur
Brad Ramsey 
Joy Rethwish
Deborah Ricketts Likens
Roger Rightmer
Lindsy Russell
Linda Ryan - Guest
Jerry Santos
Chris Schoap 
Christine Schroeder 
Dolores Scott Johnson
Janet Searcy - Bryant
Linda Serra
Martha Shoemaker 
Linda Shortell
Victoria Shy
Melody Smith
Wendy Spross
Marie Stanley
Paulette Stewart - Brubeck
Michael Styles
Georgiana Swanson
Candi Thomas 
Rae Thompson
Pam Thompson
Carolyn Thompson 
Carol Vitco 
Lynne Waddington
Drinda Walter - Barrett
Allene Wilkerson 
Ronald Williams
David Williams 
Doris Wilson
Charles Winchell
Carol Winner 
Sarah Wolf
Benny Wright