Just a note...this page can be a little confusing because some folks have RSVPd for events, some folks have already paid, and from time-to-time people have used slightly different names when they've done so.  

Eventually we'll get it all cleaned up, but for now it's here so you can see all those folks who intend to come.  Our latest reconcilliation shows 116 people coming at this point, including both classmates and guests.  The list is growing every day.
Is your name here?  If not, it's time to RSVP and buy your tickets!

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Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Jay Kromschroeder
Candice Hartung
James Hartung
John Johnson
Jeanne Harrison (Harrison)
Jeanne Nieman (Harrison)
Scott Harrison
Charles Marston
Helen Shirk
Carl Chase
Jimmy Abrams (Martin)
Jimmy Martin
Linda Martin
Ian Siclair
Ian Sinclair
Ron Thomson
Bill Osgood
Peggy Davis
William Osgood
Jim Cebe
Jim N.a. (Cebe)
Diane Frese (Pio)
James Cebe
Stephen Granfield
Patti Coe (Hawker)
Patti Hawker (Hawker)
Patti Patti Coe (Hawker)
Peg Whittington
Patti Hawker ((Coe))
Dennis Coffer (Coffer)
Kathy Baker (Coffer)
Arn Hanson
Charles Winchell
Kimberley Wagner (Cook)
Eugene (Gene) Cook
Eugene Cook
Kimberley Cook
Su Bonnet
Rod Thornback
Cathy Clayton Schreck
Andy Badillo
Brian Tripp
Joy Gillis (Tripp)
Joy Tripp
Susan Aarlie Mckee
Ronald Schmidt
Marie Toothman
Penelope Belevan Childers
Bob Parker
Linda Parker
Jill Wood (Wood)
Susan Aa
Greg Bottorff
Robert Campbell
Gwen Cebulski Campbell
Sharon Goodman
Judy Oberschulte Selander
Deborah Timmons Clark
Hugh Clark
Laurene Fitzjarrell
Rodney Thornback
Susan Jurjens (Kraft)
Larry Kraft
Susan Kraft
Linda Sherfy
Stephen Macevicz
Jim Faris (faris)
Rodney Stroup
Susan Aarlie (Mckee)
Karen Krom Boyle
Luz Maria Lopez
Juan Antonio Lopez Sr
Kelly Voll
Olivia Fegurgur (Wilkinson)
Olivia Wilkinson
Chritina Norris (Williams)
Christina Norris ((Norris)Williams)
Christina (Norris)Williams Norris (Norris/Williams)
Nancy Rasmussen
Kathrine Bynon
Rosemary Berman (Jasper)
Sandee Stephanson Mogle
William Kelly
Robert Parker
Linda Littlehale (Parker)
Domingo Marquez
Janelle BRIGGS
Michael Humphrey
Bruce/Kathy Van Dyke
Jerry Costello
Judy De Laire (Ciora)
Christina Campbell-Hager
Sharon Derrick - Knapik
Linda Linda McBride (Brandland)
Dave Brandland
Linda McBride (Brandland)
Ronda Medler (Galvan)
Linda Brandland
Ronda Galvan
Bruce DeMenge
Vickie McBride (DeMenge)
Glenn Chastain
Mimi Chastain
Vickie DeMenge
Ron Schmidt
Sandee Stephanson (Mogle)
Annie Leaf
David Randle
Kathy Gatlin
Anita Johnson Williams
John Williams
Sheila Mone (Mone)
David Wilkinson
Jill Norcross
Liz Hill (Tupek)
David Tupek (Tupek)
Liz Tupek
Janice Parks
Janice Parks2
Jeff Peters
Ronald Thomson (Thomson)
Patricia Pollack
Rand Whittington
Lynda Stahl
Chuck Stahl
Anita Johnson (Williams)
Dale Stevenson (Stevenson)
Gayle Bryant (Bryant)
Sharon Derrick (Knapik)
Conchita Aceves (Lopez)
Victor Lopez
Rosemary Berman Jasper
Merlyn (Chip) And Carol (Beauchemin) Holmes
Carol Holmes
Merlyn Holmes
Conchita Lopez
VĂ­ctor Lopez
Art McCain
Jon Keeley
Bob And Lois Graham (Graham)
Bob Graham
Lois Graham
Deborah Timmons (Clark)
Chris Williams
Lon Ogdon (Ogdon)
Frank Sherfy
Letty Abadi-Lewis
Richard (Ricky) Lewis
Susie Schultheis (Peterson)
Penny Bellevan (Childers)
Don, Tomi Brown (Brown)
Wendy Fowler (Nunes)
Ward Fitzpatrick
Frank Beyerle
Bob Peterson
Susie Peterson
Dennis Gobel
Sandra Gobel
Gaylord Gaylord Norcross (Norcross)
Gaylord Norcross
Gay Norcross
Karen Krom (Boyle)
Jann Carlovsky (Briggs)
Sherry Stanley (Farrell)
Sherry Farrell
Jill Skinner (Wood)
John Wood
Juan Antonio Lopez
Lloyd Price
Paul Montgomery
David Beeson (Beeson)
Virginia Anderson
Wendy Nunes
Laurene Thompson (Fitzjarrell)
Gwen Cebulski (Campbell)
Marie Pace (Toothman)
Susan Jarboe (Jarboe)
Gene La Fond
Larry Cox
Donna Hanson (Hanson)
Daniel Bodie
Ward Pat Fitzpatrick
Doug Anderson
Joseph Aiken
Kay Beeson
Katherine Class (Bynon)
Phylicia Cicalo-Aiken
Sori DeVore
Frances Flint
Edna Dunn
Betsy Kelly
Bill Kelly
Woody Hamilton
Christina Campbell (Hager)
Mike Filson
Cindy Macevicz
Debra Greenfield
Dennis Bridwell
Carol Hayes
Cathy Clayton (Schreck)
Peter Gonzales
Jean Gonzales
Carol Swift (hayes)
Ron Morinaka
Rick Rochmes
Rick Silveira
Kit Hensler
Letty Abadi (Lewis)
Lucy Silveira
Anna Chaboudy (Staff)
Anna Staff
Fred Grunewald
Steve Macevicz
Jerrri Grunewald
Kit Neal (Hensler)
Judy Oberschulte (Selander)
Tom Gatlin
Sandra Hickox (Wetzel-Smith)
Sandra Wetzel-Smith
Lucy Collins (Silveira)
Bev Koteff
James DeVore
Vicki May (Reigle)
Sharon Bilyeu (Goodman)
Bill Koteff
Total 136 144